The custom made lampshade begins with a shape- a contemporary drum or stately oblong, or perhaps an elegant square with scalloped corners.

At Blanche Field we custom fabricate most of the frames from durable steel right here in our workshop. One advantage of having our own frame-making shop is that we can create any lampshade shape imaginable, and it allows our designers to specify a frame to within 1/4" so as to obtain the precise shape and fit to the lamp for which it is designed. The wire Blanche Field uses in making its frames is heavier and sturdier than most others. This ultimately results in shades that are tight, crisp and long lasting- all Blanche Field trademarks. Every frame is carefully inspected for shape and balance.

Below are some of the most popular shapes among our customers. Keep in mind that not all styles are appropriate for every shape. Your choice of either fabric or paper might suggest one range of shapes; some finishing treatments may limit the choices further.

Round Empire
Round Bell
Round, Coolie Style
Round, Bouillotte
Hex Scallop Semi Bell
Round Scallop with Collar Top and Bottom
Round Scallop Pull Away
New Hex Scallop Pull Away
Square Scallop Semi Bell
Oval Scallop Pull Away
Oblong: Flat Front/Back, Round Sides
Oblong Scallop
Oval Top: Oblong Pointed Scallop
Oval Top, Oblong Scallop
Oval Top, Scallop Bottom
Semi Oblong
Round Top, Oriental Bottom
Hex Top, Oriental Bottom
Oriental Square Bell
Round Top, Pick-Up Bottom
Round Top, Oriental Pointed Bottom
Oriental Square Bell
Oblong Diamond
Oblong Cut Corner
Square Top, Square Scallop Bottom
Square Top, Oriental Scallop Bottom
Square Top, Scallop Bottom Bell
Square Scallop
Semi Oblong, Rounded Corner
Hex Bell
Square Bell Cut Corner
Square Bell
The Maria
Oblong Top, Inverted Corner Bottom
Oblong Scallop, Oriental Bell Bottom
Oblong Scallop, Flat Sides
Oblong Oriental Bottom
Dome Bell
Square Bell, Oriental Pick-Up Bottom
Oval Top, Diamond Bottom
Oblong Oriental Bell
Round Top, Octagonal Bottom
Custom Lampshades