A Blanche Field trim adds the finishing touch to a fine lampshade. Whether it be a simple ribbon or multi-layered combination of cords and ribbons, the trim is a great device for tying together decor elements.

The selection of trim is one of your key creative elements. For a clean, simple look you may want to stay with a self-fold, which uses shade fabric to create a top and bottom edge. In our most contemporary laminated shades we take it a step further: we roll the fabric right under the bottom edge, which results in no boundary at all.

For a classic Blanche Field trim we have dozens of different types of cords and ribbons, each in a myriad of colors. The potential combinations are endless, but there is no question we can create a trim that establishes the mood, colors and textures you require.

Our showrooms have thousands of trims in stock for you to work with. If you cannot visit us, you can send us a fabric swatch, paint chip or wallpaper snipping that has the colors you wish to pull out. We can create several sample combinations and send them to you to for approval.

Custom Lampshades