Silk Empire shade with full smocking

Oblong scallop shade with customer's silk

Square scallop shade

Custom-built Compass Rose lamp with chart shade

Oblong cut-corner combination stretched and pleated

Oil/Shellac oval roll pleat shade

Laminated shade with chicken wire for a barn restoration

For a Lady's Boudoir

Woven paper shade

Unique shutter shade in turquoise

String shade

Shirred shade using customer's Jamaican fabric

Smocked shade with rouching

Oil/Shellac oblong cut-corner with three line scoring

Oil/Shellac shade on a Besselink amp; Jones lamp

Laced oil/shellac shade for a Gothic restoration

A classic cut-out paper shade

A tight basket weave shade on a fine client lamp

Scored oil/shellac shade

An antique helmet converted into a lamp at Blanche Field with an oil/shellac cut-corner shade

A colorful ceramic piece converted into a lamp with an oval roll-pleated oil/shellac shade

Another Blanche Field conversion

A unique contemporary creation

Blanche Field oil/shellac pigments provide great color whether the lamp is on or off

Heavy red ribbed COM with folds sewn on the bias

White silk flat pleated shade with rouching

Coolie-style flat pleated shade with long fringe

Alternating stretch and pleats in different silks with a box ruffle

Loosely gathered shade with wide client ribbon

An extreme scallop shade in a pale silk with single row smocking top and bottom

Tight flat-pleated shade with herringbone finish

Striped COM with complementing fabric sewn on the bias

Antique floor lamp with custom shade

Eggshell silk scalloped shade with a delicate client-supplied fringe

Our dramatic rose shade

A rich, gathered linen shade